Vine Tours, infinite possibilities

But always seem to disappoint. I'm here in Mendoza, Argentina's wine region. What sounds better than hopping on a bus and touring some of the vineyards in the region in a place that gets sun shine 360 days of the year. Nothing sounds better, in theory. My first mistake was to book it through my hostel. I'm normally against doing this, but due to tight time frame was forced to. And reminded very quickly why I try to avoid it. As soon as I hoped on the bus things didn't look promising. It was full of..... ssssssssshhhh, old people. I have nothing against old people in fact I'm related to some, hi Pop, and if things go to plan I'll be one, one day. But the chances of a rocking afternoon of partying, quickly disappeared.
I'm not going to bore you with the details of it, so here's the summary.

We went to the first vineyard. Spent an hour and half looking at stainless steel vats, and then got the equivalent of two shots of wine.

The next vineyard was exactly the same scenario. Admittedly a nicer vineyard and had some impressive wine casks. Then a trip to a church and before I knew it the fun packed afternoon was over.