Day Ten - Bariloche

More beautiful than I remember it. We only had a short time, but made the most of it with a chair lift up Cerro Campanario, for an absolutely stunning view the area. Then onto some mountain bikes to ride around the grand, tranquil lakes. Again, perfect weather, maybe a little warm for Katie considering the ride was a little bit hilly. But was amended with some more fantastic Argentinean ice-cream.

Now the dogs in this town are literally barking mad. Never seen anything like it. All the local stray dogs pair up and cruise around, guiding tourists and harassing the local traffic. One particular duo, who hang around the hostel we were staying at, took car chasing to the extreme sport level. Instead of running along the side of a passing car barking (the more traditional approach), they would run out in front of it and bark at the radiator grill. While the car continued to drive forward at speed! So they'd sort of be barking over their shoulder as they raced ahead of the car. Controlling their speed as to stay as close as to the car as possible for greater effect.

On a walk into town, some of the other pairs of dogs saw the good work our guys were doing and decided to join in. At one stage there were 8 dogs, surrounding passing cars and going mental. Painful to watch, as there were too many close calls, and we didn't want to see one of our friends hit. But at the same one couldn't not laugh at the crazy antics of the mad, friendly dogs.