Cox's bazar

So after Kustia we did some long bus traveling down to the coastal resort town of Cox's bazar, searching for rumoured surf. We had heard of a eco-resort that had some surfboards we could use. It was a bit out of town, with lots of little beach huts on a river. Very lovely. Unfortunately there was only one surfboard, and we were told it was only for display purposes. Also to get to the beach we had to take a motor boat down the river, which was nice, but they charged us each time. A bit cheeky as it wasn't the cheapest place to stay in the first place is it was an "Eco Resort".

Nonetheless, the water was lovely and warm and there as some small swell so we could go body surfing. Unfornuately for Kate, being a muslim country meant it was expected of her to be fully covered while bathing in public. Which isn't as much fun when you're at the beach. It's quite strange to see fully clothed family's frolicking in the waves.